morflax_thingsAsset 17-2.02.0

Welcome to
the fresh things

Introducing Morflax things 2.0 — a more powerful 3D device mockup builder than before. Lightning-fast, simple to create. Everything in your browser.

Interactive 3D device mockup builder

More powerful elements control.

New devices. Fully customizable.

+100 pre-made templates.

All the best styles in one place.

The mockups you’re looking for. Right in your browser.

Simple tool.
Huge functionality.

Take your device
and customize it.

Find the perfect device for your needs. Customize everything, from color to screen rotation and clay style.

Generate beautiful 3D device mockups

One click and you have clay style.

Creating professional 3D clay mockups has never been easier. Achieve minimal clay style just with one click.

Generate beautiful 3D clay device mockups

Get more elements in one scene.

Empower your scene with unlimited number of elements per scene. From phones & computers to Emoji hands.

Generate beautiful 3D clay device mockups

Adjust lighting
and environment.

Lighting is probably the most important part of professional 3D scenes, so have control over it.

Generate beautiful 3D device mockups

Even more
cool features

3D real-time rendering

View, zoom and rotate a realistic 3D composition right in your browser.

Rotation and transform

Drag and drop any element in the scene.
Rotate, scale and position it as you wish.

Pre-made templates

Explore professional 3D mockup templates and customize it to fit your needs.

Image upload

Upload any image on the device and crop it however you like.

Screen control

Change device screen brightness and style to fit your needs. You can even rotate the screen of the device.

Shadow customization

Turn on shadow to make your scene more realistic. Customize color, blur and opacity.


Change environment and adjust its settings: intensity and rotation.

Export in jpg & png

Export images in format that suit your requirements.

Color control

Choose any color for your device or element, even the color of the lighting.

Explore styles
and templates.

Discover professional 3D devices and mockup templates and customize it directly in your browser. Crafted to help you tell your story.

Pro access

Upgrade to access all features

From $9/mo. access all features and elements, plus updates and new releases.

3D device mockup builder directly in you browser